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HR Process Consulting

Understand the implication of the new change managing the risks assumptions checking for overlaps and avoiding surprise follow up changes

Assessment and discovery – How do you start to plan and develop the introduction of a new piece of technology?  How best can you use that technology to meet your business objectives? 

Creating partnerships to improve your processes. Proposals, selection, negotiating terms, working together and then planning for the future

Programme Development Consulting

Effective programs are successful because of clear benefits for employees, management and the organisation as a whole – determine your goals and vision.  Develop people and materials to support integration.

Increase skills and create capability to design and deliver training for a new programme, for a group training sessions that is tailored to specified needs

Generate ideas, solve problems, discuss important issues and explore opportunities.  Build the confidence to organise and facilitate open discussions with groups.

Project Management Support

People, time, money quality / governance and of course Managing Yourself (self care)

Creating all sorts of plans – plan on a page, change,  governance, communications, quality, financial etc. From presenting an idea through to control / monitor and celebration!

Ensuring all “stakeholders” are engaged and in the loop.  That is, knowing who needs to know, what they need to know, why and how. It is also essential to identify all potential Risks and provide solutions and include in communication planning


Personal and Business Coaching

one to one coaching and mentoring of individuals on projects and programme development.   Be that third eye to ensure you believe in your own capabilities. One to one Career and Personal support

Introduce coaching and mentoring programmes – helping maintain an open, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. Build something people want – deliver on the vision

Look at how you work with your peers and those working for you. New manager settling into new role – Take time to thing – recover, restore and maybe reinvent yourself


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