Just call …Make a difference and make a phone call

Do you have Covid callitis? Zoomed out? Sore fingers from texting? Are your sure the message is always clear and understood at both ends of the communication?

A phone call is so important. One to one on the phone where you not only speak to your colleagues or to your direct reports or to a friend but you listen as well. There is nothing like the sound of a familiar voice and it really does help you to stay more connected. It helps to clarify the message and gives you the opportunity to talk something through to completion ….  Not just two lines on an email or a text message and then you wait for the reply which might arrive hours or even days later. 

I volunteer at Connect a Coach where we recognise the importance of talking … we offer free coaching for frontline staff during these isolated times.  A call can bolster your confidence and just give you that oomph you need to know you are doing alright.  You can talk through something difficult or get started on some task, get moving to get things done.    So if you need to catch up with a colleague or friend about something important consider an old-fashioned phone call.  Just call…