Food for thought. Pasta for dinner?

I love to cook and I’m not too bad at it. Nothing feels better than to cook dinner for a group of friends (when not in lockdown!!). So what’s for dinner tonight? How many will be there? And what do they like – or more importantly what do they not like? Vegetarian or Vegan? I’m making pasta but is that pasta out of a packet or do I have the time to make it from scratch? So many options.

The Pasta Project – I have less than 2 hours and a tenner in my pocket. Do I follow a recipe or make it up as I go along (could work or might be a disaster). Get the recipe book out or use my secret recipe – reliable Spaghetti Bolognese, AND I can adapt the basic recipe for carnivores, vegan and vegetarian without too much bother (just need separate pots). A bit like a project … Get the core needs met (hunger, tastes good, within budget and within the time I’ve got to prep) and then make small changes for those who need it.