3 questions to ask before taking on a new project

Think carefully before taking on anything new and ask yourself 3 questions

  1. Do I know how important this project is to my team or organisation?  If it does not fit well with the your own values and that of your company then it will be a very hard push and likely might be a waste of time!
  2. Where will I get support?  Know who will be affected by this effort and know who your supporters are
  3. Lastly – Am I the right person for the job?  Are you really interested and are you ready to commit and stick with it to the end – you may not have all the skills but be willing to learn.

If you know the answers then the opportunity is probably for you – just go for it and learn learn learn along the way. Key – always ask for and seek help when needed.

Shaking your head and running in the other direction is a common, and sometimes justified, reaction to the most overwhelming projects. But it’s guaranteed to get you nowhere. Even the most daunting task can be wrangled with the right outlook, a solid understanding of the work ahead, and a set of realistic and achievable milestones to check off along your way.